Moodle Course Management System

The Moodle course management system is the system used by Tamon to manage student courses and academics. You can access your enrolled courses, check your grades, submit homework and assignments in Moodle. To access Moodle, login to your Moodle account at
Tamon Course Management System



  Academic Resources

Tamon provides electronic resources for students to be able to easily access information needed for their studies. There is a student academic process guide (SAP) that provides detailed instruction about accessing and using the electronic resources available to Tamon students. This SAP guide can be accessed at
>> SAP



  Managing Your Finances

Tamon provides a world class education for an affordable price accessible to  all regardless of socio-economic status or background. You can access your financial account through your  student account. To access your student account, login to your student account at


The following resources help you to navigate your finances.
>> Tuition
>> Financial Aid