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Tamon Computing

Tamon’s IT infrastructure is entirely in the cloud and is built on open source software systems providing flexibility in customizing the software to suit our institutional needs. The two core open source software that is the basis for our IT infrastructure are:

    >> Big Blue Button
    >> Moodle

Tamon computing IT Cloudnet manages the Institute’s information technology infrastructure and provides user driven services and applications for academic activities.

IT provides applications and services for departments and end-users, from email and calendaring, web authentication to web conferencing.

Tamon’s entire IT infrastructure runs on dedicated virtual private servers providing centrally managed storage and backup, and business continuity and disaster recovery.

Access to our network is provided through a robust authentication system designed to ensure student data integrity and security.

For our computing security policy, please check <a> Administrative Computing Security Policy</a>

Contact and Help
For assistance or computing help, please contact us at